Non solo Fisica

by Quintino d'Annibale


The greats of science

Who am i

Quintino d'Annibale

Laurea in Ingegneria civile Edile

Univ. Degli Studi di Ancona.

professor of physics at IISS "da Vinci De Giorgio" - Lanciano (Chieti)

Collection of material for high schools and uninersities

It was born in 2004, from an idea by Prof. Quintino d'Annibale, professor of physics at IISS "da Vinci-De Giorgio of Lanciano Chieti, addressed to the students of the Liceo Scientologico Tecnologico (Brocca experimentation)), with the aim of providing students a physics platform on which to find scholastic material to consult, such as useful information about the school and, above all, to publish one's work.

Exercises, tests, laboratory experiences, online quizzes, for universities with a scheduled number..

Over time, the site expands its offer by addressing itself not only to the LST "L. da Vinci di Lanciano Chieti" but to a wider audience. It has expanded, enriched with other pages, dedicated to upper secondary schools, as well as to the university world, with a separate section that proposes: various information; orienrtamento; Links to Italian universities; simulation test for access to university faculties with a scheduled number, and more. The site also aims to complete the scientific landscape with the offer of other disciplines such as: mathematics, chemistry, biology, etc.